The veranda, a new living room

The veranda, a new living room

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The veranda is now a part of the house. Having become very trendy in recent years, it no longer serves only as space for storing surplus business or garden tools. Many technical advances have made it a real living space where it feels good to be in any season. Converted into a dining room, living room or even kitchen, the veranda saves space. Deciphering a trend that has not finished to charm us.

The veranda, one more room

Enjoy the garden with all the comfort of a cozy nest, here is the main argument that seduces us with the veranda. If you want to spend a lot of time there and make it the heart of the house, you preferably set up the living room or a reading corner. Another idea: arrange it in such a way as to create a real dining room if you did not have room to receive people for dinner. Last idea for those who spend hours concocting good meals: install the kitchen. Bright, right?

My veranda: contemporary or wrought iron?

What charm these old wrought iron verandas! Full of authenticity, they bring real added value to a stone or millstone house. For a more modern home, we prefer a more contemporary aluminum veranda. Latest trend in date: verandas with flat roofs. In addition to having a decidedly modern style, they have some advantages to take into consideration. Better thermal and sound insulation and fewer integration and height problems compared to the roof of the house will be arguments not to be put aside when making your choice.

The decoration of my veranda

For it to be beautiful, the veranda deserves to be pampered! And so that it does not mismatch with the rest of the house, we choose a decor that creates a certain continuity. On the ground, we start by opting for a trendy coating that is easy to maintain. Tomettes, tiling or even vinyl flooring imitation parquet will be the most suitable. As for the walls, we prefer light colors if we want it to be bathed in light or warmer colors if you prefer to create a cozy atmosphere. You can also install some plants in your veranda, regardless of the function you have assigned to it. Cacti, bonsai and other indoor plants will make a place of choice there.