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Video: plug in a washing machine or dishwasher

Video: plug in a washing machine or dishwasher

Would you like to renew your household appliances, but you don't know how to draw up a washing machine or a dishwasher? Are you moving into your first apartment and are you worried about installing household appliances? Do not worry: Laid Azzi from gives you all the tips to know to connect a washing machine or a dishwasher with confidence.

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Know your machine well

Before plugging in your washing machine or dishwasher, the appliance should be carefully observed so as not to make connection errors. A washing machine (or a dishwasher, which works in the same way) consists of two pipes: a pipe for the water inlet and one for the water outlet. The smooth hose is used to get the water to your machine, while the ridged hose is used to drain the water.

Connect the machine

The connection is made in two stages. Start by inserting the ridged water outlet pipe into the plastic pipe located in your kitchen or bathroom. Push the ribbed pipe well inside the plastic pipe. Then grasp the end of the smooth water inlet hose. Position it on the tap thread located near the plastic pipe previously used. Find the right angle, then screw. Tighten the nut securely with a pliers. There is no need to add a gasket, it is already present in the pipe. Plug in your dishwasher or washing machine, then turn on the tap to use your machine. Thanks to Laid Azzi for her precise and useful explanations for the connection of a washing machine or a dishwasher. Watch the video Connect a washing machine or a dishwasher on Produced by Minute Facile.