Designers Guild dresses the house

Designers Guild dresses the house

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It was in 1970, in London, that interior designer Tricia Guild and her brother Simon Jeffreys founded Disigners Guild. First inspired by floral patterns, Designers Guild creates new atmospheres thanks to abstract patterns. Today, this international company, publisher of wallpapers and fabrics is world famous for the intensity of its colors, the quality of its fabrics and the originality of its creations.

Designers Guild inspires creators

It is therefore quite natural that design lovers snatch up the Designers Guild fabrics. We love the baroque spirit of the label and the liveliness of the colors, their sophistication and elegance. The daring combinations of colors and floral and striped patterns surprise as much as they seduce. Tricia Guild never ceases to inspire many creators. His very marked artistic personality makes him today a master of interior design who knew how to combine innovation and creativity to offer luxurious fabrics. Whether it's furnishing fabrics, Designers Guild rugs, sumptuous cushion collections or even bed linen, quality is inseparable from creativity. The philosophy of the label has also earned it over time the recognition of the greatest creators. Refined details and pure lines are imbued with subtlety.

Elegance and comfort

Designers Guild excels with its collections of scents. Soaps and scented candles bring a touch of luxury to the interior world. Thanks to the label, refinement is as much olfactory as visual. Designers Guild bed linen, both simple and pure, of incomparable softness, contributes to well-being, just like children's bed linen with tender prints that can be found in all Collections dedicated to childhood, like Flying High, Kensington Garden or Wildlife. Elegance and uniqueness are also the great assets of the Designers Guild home accessories, whether it is trimmings, cushions, rugs or throws in the brand's emblematic tones. Each accessory is made from very high quality fabrics such as hand-woven silks, Swiss damask, combed cotton from Egypt or even linen from Scotland.

Some essential collections

Very inspired, the Contarini collection emphasizes tie and dye for a subtle color rendering. For a more theatrical atmosphere, the Seraphina collection brings a touch of romanticism to the interior decoration. Among the many fabrics offered by the meter, created by the Designers Guild brand, Padua stands out for the power of its colors. These are perfectly suited to furniture such as sofas, poufs and armchairs for a design decoration of rare elegance.