Video: reduce scratches on a wood varnish

Video: reduce scratches on a wood varnish

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Your varnished wooden furniture has some scratches that you would like to erase? Do you want to give a little bit of shine to some slightly used varnish? Follow the advice of Jacques Guy Rubin, cabinetmaker, to find smooth and shiny wooden furniture.

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First method: the imitation lacquer meal

There are several solutions to revive a wood varnish. The first method is to use a product called imitation lacquer meal. Even if this product is not indicated as toxic, it is best to protect your hands with gloves. Put a little product in a dish. With a clean cloth, remove a little cooking pot from the dish. Apply the product on the wood, making small circular movements. When you are finished, wipe a clean cloth over the treated surface, so as to remove the excess product and any dirt. Finish by buffing the wood with a chamois passage. To check that the scratches have disappeared, bend down to look at the wood in grazing light.

Second method: the "Super nico"

The second method to refresh a wood varnish is to apply "Super nico". This product is applied in the same way as the meal, making small circles, wiping and buffing with a chamois. Gloves are also recommended. The "Super nico" has an additional advantage over the meal, since it also acts as a degreaser. Thanks to Jacques Guy Rubin for his advice which will help you reduce the scratches on a varnished wooden piece of furniture. Watch the video Reducing scratches on a wood varnish on Produced by Minute Facile.