Video: a "homemade" Christmas box

Video: a "homemade" Christmas box

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A gift without beautiful packaging is no longer a gift! But since the trend is towards creative leisure, why not make your own sublime boxes where to hide the gifts? Boxes appreciated for their personalized side, which adapt to the gifts that will be offered…

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Level: difficult Completion time : 3 hours (including drying time) Indicative cost: 20 € Necessary material : cardboard + kraft paper

Steps 1: build the box

- Trace and cut 3 squares of 15 cm on the pieces of cardboard as well as 2 squares of 15 x 14.5 cm - Mark with a small cross the 3 squares of 15 cm to differentiate them from the second ones - Trace strips of 15 cm on the kraft paper tape and cut them - Glue one end of a square of cardboard with glue varnish - Wet a strip of kraft paper with a sponge and stick half of it on the cardboard square - Place a second square cardboard perpendicular to the first - Proceed in the same way to create the box - The 15 x 14.5 cm squares must be on two parallel sides - Take the measurements from the top of the box and put them on the paper tape kraft - Cut the strips of kraft paper, and glue them to the edges of the box - Cut cardboard to the dimensions of the top of the box - Cut strips of kraft paper and glue them to the edges of the cardboard - Glue the cardboard on the box with kraft paper and create the cover e from the box

Step 2: decorate the box

- Paint the box in turquoise blue - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Place a fabric in the same tones in the box - Place your gift on it - And close your box with decorative ribbons The decor tip: if the gummed kraft paper is of poor quality, it peels off when drying (test the day before on a piece of cardboard to check it). To solve the problem, we reinforce it with vinyl glue! Creation: Amandine Dardenne, co-author of the book "Cardboard decoration" at Tana Editions.