Sewing video: making a bias border

Sewing video: making a bias border

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You have a nice news: 739845 fabric and you would like to make a nice finish for a confection? Do you want to learn how to create your own biases yourself? Corentine, from Motif personnel, teaches you how to make a bias border.

Watch the video :

Prepare the material to make the bias

Making a bias border requires some equipment. You will need in particular the news: 739845 fabric in which you want to cut the bias, an iron, a roulette for cutting, a cutting ruler and a bias device. If you don't have a cutting ruler or a caster, you can also use a ruler, pencil and scissors. The bias device is practically essential, since it avoids having to mark the bias by hand. When all the material is gathered, cut a first piece of actu: 739845 fabric at an angle of 45 degrees in one of the corners of your actu square: 739845 tissue. From this bias cut, cut two 4 cm wide strips, always at an angle.

Fabricate bias

When your strips are cut, insert one of them into the device at an angle. The news: 739845 fabric then folds in three. Pass the hot iron over the end of the already folded bias to mark the fold. Then pull the device at an angle as the iron advances on the actu: 739845 fabric. It is the combination of iron and the bias device that allows you to obtain a regular and well-formed bias. The process of making a bias by Corentine is simple to carry out if you are equipped with the right tools. Watch the Couture video: making a bias border on Produced by Minute Facile.