All about solar energy

All about solar energy

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Solar water heaters, solar panels, solar underfloor heating ... Today, solar energy is available in multiple forms for individuals. Using solar energy to make our homes less energy-consuming and therefore more economical is becoming commonplace. Update on solar energy applicable to our interior. Find more articles on the theme: Renewable energy works quote

Solar energy as a source of electricity

Produce your own electricity thanks to the sun's rays. This is called "photovoltaic solar energy". If before the concept required too heavy investments for individuals, today it has become almost classic. It is enough to note the ever increasing number of solar panels on the roofs of houses. These photovoltaic modules capture solar radiation and convert it into electricity. This energy is then distributed in the electrical network or can also be stored. When this solar energy is stored and then converted into heat, this is called "solar thermal energy". This is used for domestic heating (as with a solar heated floor) or for the production of hot water (typical example: the solar water heater).

Earn money by producing electricity

The solar energy produced in an individual is exploited in two ways. Solution N ° 1: you sell the electricity that your solar installations generate in order to constitute you an additional income. Solution N ° 2: you reduce your electricity consumption by taking direct advantage of your facilities to meet your energy needs. Having enough hot water for the kitchen and bathroom thanks to a solar water heater or even heating your entire home with a solar heated floor is now possible. The energy produced by the solar thermal panel will power your solar water heater. Enough to meet all of your family's hot water needs, including for your pool. This will have the direct effect of considerably reducing your bill!

Solar energy to heat your home

Achieving energy self-sufficiency is therefore no longer a utopia. The energy produced by the solar thermal panel will heat a heat transfer fluid connected to your solar water heater. More recently, a solution avoiding conventional polluting energies and making it possible to heat an entire home at a lower cost has appeared: the solar heated floor. In this case, it is the floor itself which produces its own heating system using solar radiation. In the same way as conventional underfloor heating, the energy of the sun is absorbed in the solar heating floor via a system of capsules with heat transfer fluids. Given the increase in the price of conventional energy considerably increasing household bills in winter, the future of the solar heated floor seems bright.