Meeting with Vanessa Hahusseau, designer of wallpapers

Meeting with Vanessa Hahusseau, designer of wallpapers

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Because wallpaper has become an essential home decoration, we asked Vanessa Hahusseau, creator and designer of wallpapers for La Boutique du Grand Cirque, a few questions.

Tell us about your background.

Graduated from Sciences Po, I was press attaché for 6 years in an agency in Paris. In 2007, I designed, created and operated the M LE MACARON brand in Bordeaux for which I created all the visual identity, the layout of the store, the packaging etc. Arriving in Marseille a few years later, I founded my press relations agency (my original job) and graphic design.

How was La Boutique du Grand Cirque born?

Working for the development and interior decoration of luxury boutiques as part of my agency LE GRAND CIRQUE, I had the idea and especially the desire to create LA BOUTIQUE DU GRAND CIRQUE in which I design many models of self-adhesive wallpaper (wall stickers) illustrated, patterned or trompe l'oeil style, matching cushions as well as paintings on canvas in wooden frame. I like to give a style that is both unusual, poetic, offbeat and sometimes very "smirk" to my creations which gives them a unique character.

What is special about your products?

From a creative point of view, these are strips of wallpaper, cushions and designer paintings, so unique! You will not find them in everyone ... I like to play on details, oppositions of styles. My creations are classified under different headings: the "poetics" where many animals and insects nest, the "pretty" with very girly universes and colors or the "offbeat" with some models paying particular tribute to the painter René Magritte and the director Georges Méliès. Technically, the strips of wallpaper are made of adhesive vinyl, repositionable (2 or 3 times) and can be installed without assistance in less than 10 minutes. They exist in 2 heights: 2m55 or 3m50 on 60cm wide.

Why did you choose the Grand Siècle theme?

My first creations were rather playful and turned towards the world of childhood, today I present a collection of trompe l'oeil more "adults", which adapt to all decorations by giving a unique and original character to interiors . I was inspired by the atmosphere of old family houses and by the style of large Parisian bourgeois apartments by working on certain models with black lines like old engravings, or by focusing on relief or texture for a rendering of noble materials.

How to use your creations in the house?

Bull's eye in stained wood, craft furniture, glazed earthenware tiles in the Azulejos style…, this new collection of trompe l'oeil wallpapers will create the illusion of decor in any interior. My creations are ideal for putting a little color in the decoration of the house and / or for giving a strong character and a real personality in a room. Dwarfs in jars, lost insects, funny birds locked in medallions, chubby moons with an enigmatic look, flamingos with black eyes ... it's up to you! Our practical DIY videos


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