Video: fit out an office area in an apartment

Video: fit out an office area in an apartment

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Do you work at home and need a space dedicated to your activity? Would you like to be able to study on a desk, but your apartment is running out of space? Thomas Bordas, from the Mamadeko agency in Paris, offers several solutions for fitting out an office area in a small apartment.

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Find the perfect location for an office

Before you start installing an office, start by carefully observing your apartment. Does it have unused angles? Is the entrance large enough to accommodate an office? Have you thought about taking advantage of the space available in the corridor? All these questions deserve to be addressed seriously: the solutions you will provide will certainly be the answer to your office layout project!

Choose the right office

When you have found the ideal location for your office, then you need to think about the type of office that makes the most sense for your space. Be aware that it is possible to install a desk in a closet, to store it when you are not using it, and thus save precious space. You can also set up a custom desk in a niche or recess in your apartment, under shelves, for example. Also think of the desk that attaches to the wall and pulls out when needed. Finally, divert objects from their primary function: a console can, for example, act as a desk. Follow the advice of Thomas Bordas to set up a practical and discreet office in a small space. Find the video Arranging an office area in an apartment on Produced by Minute Facile.