Five key trends in creative leisure

Five key trends in creative leisure

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Each year, there is a Parisian fair that the fingers of the fairy would not miss under any pretext: that of Creations & know-how. This event is the largest creative leisure workshop in Europe, with hundreds of events. The trend is originality. Today, we sew, embroider, scrape, knit, crochet, paint, glue, customize, and the interior design becomes unique. DIY (understand Do It Yourself) is everywhere, fun, exciting, economical and eco-friendly. A brief overview of the five flagship trends in creative leisure.

Origami, an explosive trend

Origami - Japanese word - is an art born in China more than 1,500 years ago, and which consists of a clever folding of paper. Over time, the forms inspired by plants and animals have evolved. The object takes on volume, color, texture and plays with light. Real sculptures, the folded paper creations are spectacular and are now similar to works of art. The paper lamp is among the key trends in creative hobbies such as the mobile for the nursery.

Customization or the art of transformation

Among the biggest decoration trends of the moment, customization has risen to the fore and puts haberdashery in the spotlight. Buttons, knots, ribbons, beads and other accessories transform clothes, dishes, throws, cushions, curtains, furniture, knick-knacks, but also cars, cupboards and garden tools in a flash. Customizing is the art of restoring old-fashioned accessories. Thus, each object metamorphoses and becomes unique.

Upcycling to pamper the planet

Thanks to the DIY trend, everything can be reused. Upcycling is proof of this since it allows objects to be transformed by diverting them from their original role. A new kind of waste management giving the opportunity to recover what was to be thrown away. It is a smart way to save money and limit pollution by saving objects and materials from another age from incineration. Thus a wooden pallet becomes a piano stool, cardboard turns into an armchair, discarded jeans are made to sit on, an old tire turns into an ottoman

Home made, the new wave of Christmas gifts

Creative leisure takes on its full meaning when the end of year celebrations are looming. Decorations, atmosphere, gifts… the excitement animates the geniuses of DIY. Christmas is an opportunity to let the imagination speak and to show great generosity. Creating yourself a Christmas present is taking time for others, giving a little of yourself. So we embroider an alphabet book, we create a plant setting, we invent our gift wrap, we knit a cozy blanket or we create a suave and unique perfume. To refine your technique, it can be very useful to take part in the workshops of the Creations & Know-how fair.

Knitting for decoration

Needlework is no longer only done to enrich a wardrobe. Now, they can be used to dress a teapot, create decorative items, a headboard or an ottoman. Knitted objects have become trendy, and the mania for needles is gaining popularity among young and old, men and women. Our practical creative leisure videos