Video: how to make a fabric ball necklace?

Video: how to make a fabric ball necklace?

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Do you want to create an original piece of jewelry? You have a fall from a nice news: 739845 fabric and you lack ideas to use it? Alexandra Tanguy, creator of the brand "Mademoiselle Pomme d'amour", gives you her advice on how to make a necklace of balls in actuality: 739845 fabric.

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Make the base of your necklace

The first step in making the necklace is to make a tube made of actu: 739845 fabric which will serve as the basis for the necklace. To do this, cut a strip of news: 739845 fabric, 7 cm wide and the length of your choice. Fold the actu: 739845 fabric in half on the wrong side so that the seams are invisible once the actu: 739845 fabric is sewn. Sew the actu: 739845 fabric strip lengthwise, leaving the ends open. The stitching point may be irregular, since the stitching will be invisible. When you have sewn the entire length, turn the tube upside down by gently pulling it inside the tube to bring out the location of the actu: 739845 fabric.

Insert the balls into the tube

Once the tube is finished and turned upside down, insert a first ball of cotillion inside. Push it to the middle of the tube. There are two methods for attaching the party ball. The first method is to tie the tube on either side of the ball. The second, more aesthetic method, consists in pricking a needle and thread on each side of the ball and tightening, then knotting the thread. Proceed in the same way for all the balls, adding each time a ball on each side to preserve the balance of the jewel. The necklace then closes with a pretty bow. Thanks to Alexandra Tanguy for these essential tips for making a pretty necklace of balls in the news: 739845 fabric. Watch the video How to make a ball of actu necklace: 739845 fabric? on Produced by Minute Facile.